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The right services for your unique needs.

DAVID SIVCOVICH CPA PC offers a wide range of services that put the power of numbers to work for our individual and business clients. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a start-up looking to grow, a firmly established organization or an individual looking to strategically optimize and protect your wealth, we can make sure your accounts and tax returns are prepared and submitted on time and that your books and other company records are kept up-to-date and submitted on time.

Primary Services

The following list of our primary services is by no means all-inclusive. Please feel free to call about any specific need you may have. If it is not something we provide, we will be more than happy to refer your to a qualified professional to provide it.

Ongoing support throughout the year.

You might be used to panicking a little when your year-end approaches.

We will give you timely, relevant advice and assistance throughout the year, not just at your year-end. In fact, we will work exceptionally hard to win your business and even harder to keep it. Because we recognize that every client is different, it’s our job to find out what makes you unique and then create a tailored, success-oriented approach to support you.

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